Configuration fileΒΆ

Create a configuration:

project_source: <url or path>  # project you want to run
working_dir: <path>  # where everything will run

exec_command:  # list of commands that will be executed in each project setup
    - <python ..>
result_files:  # list of files/folders that will be extracted after successful execution
    - <result file>
    - <result dir>

base_config: <path>  # path to the raw configuration file (typically part of your project)
symlinks:  # list of symlinks to include in each project setup
    - <path 1>
    - <path 2>
config_parameters:  # how to modify the configuration
    - key: param1
      values: [0, 1, 2]
        - key: param2
          values: [a, b, c]
    - key: [nested, param3]
      values: ['a', 'b', 'c']
extra_parameters:  # special extra parameters
    git_branch: ['master']
    repetitions: 1